From May 2012 until today, I have not updated any of the websites associated with AgustinongPinoy. The main reason is that I got tired of web evangelization. Suddenly, I found it difficult to write articles and post anything on the web. Apart from that, since January of this year, I have been recuperating from a heart bypass that I underwent. Until today, my activities are very limited. In any case, I am posting this to let you know that AgustinongPinoy is still alive. This website, in fact, turned fifteen years old on August 28, this year. During that time, I was in the hospital recovering from the effects of pneumonia. I hope that next year I’d do better. In the meantime, I hope to shake off my “web lethargy” and post some articles in AgustinongPinoy. For the moment, here is today’s post from the Mystical Geek: the Eucharistic Congress 2016’s theme song.