The Friars from the Mother of Good Counsel Community did their R and R on February 23, 2009 with a trip to Infanta, Quezon. Infanta is just across the Laguna de Bay from San Pedro, Laguna, a four-hour drive. The trip brings one around the Bay and through the winding roads between mountains and alongside the coast.

San Pedro to Infanta

There wasn’t much to see in Infanta town proper. If you remember the flooding disasters of November to December of 2004, Infanta was one of the worst hit in Asia. If you don’t remember it, refresh your memory with the following links:

Los fraylesThe Church of the Holy Infants and St. Mark is still under renovation. We saw the marker for Fr. Charlito Colendres and the victims of the November 2004 flash floods. The priest was one of those who died trying to save other lives.

We took our lunch in one of the town’s restaurants, ordering dinuguan, fried chicken, batchoy and chopsuey. Perhaps the conversation about how Infanta has a well established BEC made me think of the BEC as a source for a new culture (the culture of the renewed Christian as you find it in Evangelii Nuntiandi). In fact, the "batchoy" we had for lunch made me reflect on the diversity of cultures between Iloilo and Infanta. In Iloilo, "batchoy" is noodles with meat; in Infanta, "batchoy" is meat with miswa. Both taste good however, but I would recommend the Infanta "batchoy" to those who’ve just had a lot to drink.

We also went to the Infanta Fish Port, 12 Km. from the town. We could have stayed longer if not for the fact that it was growing late in the afternoon. On the way back to San Pedro, we stopped by the Exotic, a multi-awarted Restaurant of Laguna. This is the second time we took our coffee there. It is near an ancient Church whose Angelus bells told us to go back home.

There are more pictures from the trip at the Gallery

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