The Surfing Friar

On August 28, AgustinongPinoy turns ten years old. It used to be a collection of static web pages in Geocities.COM serving as resource materials for teachers and students of theology at the University of San Agustin (ILO) and the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. For a while it also provided HTML Tutorials for people who were interested to create and maintain their own websites. Although the HTML Tutorials are still accessible, they are no longer being maintained. Since 2005 however the site has concentrated on articles in Augustiniana and the Scriptures. The most visited sections of the site have been the following

The site used to have section for a Newsletter and a Blog for “Ten Augustinian Values” housed at the Geocities-based AngFrayle.Net. But the section had to go — together with the Teachers’ and Students’ Articles section — for financial reasons.

Currently, the busiest section of the website is Res Biblica which also houses the Bible Workshop — site our BEC leaders are consulting. The Mystical Geek serves as a log for the projects I am involved in and the ideas I am trying out.

AgustinongPinoy Timeline

August 28, 1999
First page uploaded to Until March 2000, other pages will be uploaded, among which is the article “Ten Augustinian Values”. During that first year, AgustinongPinoy was featured at About.COM under Personal Websites.

April 2000 – April 2004
With my assignment to the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod, AgustinongPinoy became my experimental site for PERL-CGI, then for PHP Content-Management Systems. It also provided dynamic functionality for the otherwise static pages of the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod website housed at and briefly, for Fil-Augustinians.NET. It was also during this time when AgustinongPinoy got dot-commed.
May 2004 to the present.
Server problems made me move out from a free PHP-powered webhost to the present paid hosting. By this time, I have already decided on the CMS I would use for web publication. Experiments with different PHP scripts stopped so that I can concentrate on content. It was also during this period when I got invited to present a paper to the DOST about the way I have been using the web. The paper got published in a book.