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AgustinongPinoy at Eleven

Today, AgustinongPinoy turns eleven years old. Nothing much has been added to this website but its subsites have been growing. The Bible Workshop, the site I maintain as a resource site for BEC cell leaders has been gaining quite a large audience since last year. Below is a screenshot of the hits and visits statistics of the site (August 27, 2010) Read the rest of this entry »

Ang Frayle Redivivus

I have AngFrayle set up in an x10hosting free service. I am using it to move a lot of my static files from this site to create more space. The site currently runs on PERL-CGI programs, although the server allows me to use PHP-powered content management systems via their Fantastico installer. Check it out at this address:

Update, October 22, 2011
The x10hosting free service didn’t work out. Sorry… I guess angfrayle will remain as an email address.

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