AgustinongPinoy will now be discontinuing its “Bibliya Tagala” section. Like the other sections of AgustinongPinoy, “Bibliya Tagala” now has its own website at

“Ang Bibliya Tagala” is quite new. I started it during the last days of August 2010 and at present contains more than ten posts. The fact that Google has begun indexing its pages and has begun presenting them in its Search results is cause for announcing it now as a website independent from this one. I originally intended it to extend the “Mag-aral Tayo” section of the Bible Workshop. “Mag-aral Tayo” is a guide for our parish’s BEC leaders who look for resources on the web that would help them prepare their weekly lessons. Most of the lessons there are on the Sunday Gospel readings. “Bibliya Tagala” provides lessons on the other Sunday readings, whether from the New Testament or the Old Testament.

Screenshot of Ang Bibliya Tagala

The home page of Ang Bibliya Tagala

When I started the “Bibliya Tagala” section for AgustinongPinoy, I was thinking of presenting my own Tagalog translations of the Scriptures. I could not do it at “Res Biblica” since it was already for my longer articles on the liturgical readings and on passages that I thought should be given more attention, as far as explanations are concerned. So I started to present my translations on the Psalms. “Ang Bibliya Tagala” is better suited for the purpose I guess. In a separate website in Tagalog, I would be able to present my own translation of particular bible passages and even highlight the way particular phrases are rendered in the Tagalog translations currently being used.

The main categories of “Ang Bibliya Tagala” cover explanations for liturgical readings. Each article is divided into the following sections:

  • Outline of the Passage under consideration
  • A short explanation of the passage
  • The sentence flow of the passage
  • Guide questions regarding the text of the passage

The sections “outline” and “sentence flow” are by intent paedagogic: I always tell my BEC leaders to prepare their lessons rigorously by preparing a “sentence flow” of the text and, based on it, an outline. The “questions” at the end of the “sentence flow” are somewhat similar to those found at “Mag-aral Tayo”. These are guide questions for the understanding of the text. The type of questions given here are explained in an article at the Mystical Geek. The “brief explanation” is a feature that sets “Ang Bibliya Tagala” apart from “Mag-aral Tayo.”