AgustinongPinoy just turned twelve years old. From August 1999 until the present this website has been serving webpages with topics ranging from Catholicism, Education, Augustinian Spirituality, Life in the Philippines, the Internet and Web Design. It was also for a time, a venue of web publication for theology teachers of the University of San Agustin. Currently, AgustinongPinoy has three main sections: this site containing the Gallery and news posts about the Augustinians in the Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu and the Mystical Geek; the Res Biblica and its associated sites (the Bible Workshop, Bibliya Tagala and the Bibliya Tagala Podcasts); and the old Otium Sanctum articles.

The present appearance and arrangement of the site is the result of modifications made after certain services it depended on closed down. The first major modification came after I decided to make use of Content Management Systems for presenting webpages online (beginning 2002). This required me to pay for webservers that allowed me to use the automated results of CGI-Perl and PHP/MySQL.

And then, Geocities, the old home of AgustinongPinoy closed down sometime in 2009. I thought that the service would go on after I started paying for it, but Yahoo had other things in mind. When it closed down, I lost a lot of the articles, old and new ones, that I’ve uploaded into the Geocities servers. Not only that but Angfrayle.Net, which was already running on a Joomla installation also closed down with it.

And then in 2010 I had to let go of the old Mystical Geek ( for financial reasons. What I did however was to transfer all its contents to this AgustinongPinoy server. Around this time too, whatever I salvaged from my old HTML tutorial website was transferred to a free site: TipzNTrix.

Fortunately, the citizens of the web know how to help their own. The Internet WebArchive has — without me knowing it — saved some of the webpages AgustinongPinoy has been serving since 2001. This includes some of the first articles I wrote for AgustinongPinoy: “On Rapture” and on “Augustinian Education” (featuring articles from the former General, Fr. Orcasitas, OSA). There is another service called “Reocities” which saved the pages of Geocities before it closed down. They haven’t restored all the former Geocities websites yet, but I have submitted an application for the restoration of Geocities.Com/Athens/Parthenon/2763 and am waiting for their reply. Below are some pages from the old AgustinongPinoy that are stored in the Internet WebArchive.

Notable old pages from AgustinongPinoy

There are still pages on the web today that survived the closing of Geocities. These are

The above websites are stored in the servers of Carnegie-Mellon University’s Lycos Network.

I have written a brief history of the twelve years that AgustinongPinoy has been on the web. You may find it at the Mystical Geek.

AgustinongPinoy was and continues to be a labor of love. It is the pioneering work of a Filipino Augustinian friar who from the time he logged onto the web in an Iloilo Internet Cafe in 1998 was convinced that the future of evangelization will not and should not ignore the World Wide Web. John Paul II vindicated this conviction. And now Benedict XVI has reiterated his predecessor’s appeal for Catholics to let the face of Christ shine through the many bright lights of the World Wide Web.