For those who are using PLDT as your connection to the internet, this is for you…

For more than two weeks now, I haven’t been able to access Biblista.NET using our PLDT line. Whenever I try to access the site or any section of it, my browser gives me the “time out” error: “Connection Timed Out”. Apart from the possibilities that the browser tells you, there is another one that is never mentioned: that your IP (your computer’s address on the internet) has been banned from accessing a particular webserver. You would know whether this applies to you if you would change your internet provider and the website comes up without any hitch. Whenever I use our PLDT line, I get the time out error, but not when I use SmartBro or Globe. In other words, my PLDT connection has been banned by the webhost of Biblista.NET

This is not the first time it happened. Back in April of this year, the same thing happened for this simple reason: the webhosting service behind Biblista.NET banned the IP of PLDTNET because of hacking activities coming from that IP. If you know anything about IPs, you would realize that once an IP is banned from a server, all computers connected to that IP is also banned (more about IP’s here). In short, if you would like to access Biblista.NET, you may do so using services like SmartBRO or GlobeTattoo but not PLDT.

I have however made a few adjustments so that the situation (temporary I hope) may not become a burden to anyone who has been visiting my site. I have reactivated two WordPress blogs to make the following articles accessible:

  • The weekly Workshop articles and “Mag-aral Tayo” are also accessible through Mixed Innuendos
  • The longer “Bibliya Tagala” articles and the Sunday reading guide “Sunday Thoughts” are now accessible via Lectio Divina

I still do updates at Biblista.NET, specifically for Sunday Thoughts and the Bible Workshop. The Bibliya Tagala section ( has not been updated since last month.

For easier access to the above-mentioned WordPress-hosted sites, just look for their corresponding RSS feeds on the sidebar of this site. Those are the sites that are updated daily. Workshop and Bibliya Tagala pages are announced in the blog when they are uploaded (once a week).