There are 391 articles posted in the Mystical Geek arranged in thirty-three categories. The articles appearing in the front page of the blog consist of the most recent posts,and the posts that WordPress plugin I am employing reposts. A lot of the reads this site gets come from search engines, but RSS feeds appearing in other better placed AgustinongPinoy sites also help. Below is a list of the ten most read Mystical Geek articles all-time.

Mystical Geek Top 10 All Time

1. Readings for Simbang Gabi 2011
2. Photoshop Trick
3. The Reproductive Health Bill Again
4. Encountering the Lord in the Midst of Life’s Upheavals
5. Three Books for the Summer
6. National Bible Week 2012
7. The Santo Niño and National Bible Sunday
8. Give to God What is God’s
9. The Life of St. Augustine in a TV Series
10. The Santo Niño and the Total Christ

No. 1 is a carryover from last month’s Simbang-Gabi. It received a lot of hits because of search engine traffic. No. 2 is an example of how the denizens of the web pay more attention to non-consequential information. No. 3 has always been a favorite; its hits are due to searches made on the topic. It lost its hold on No.1 because right now Filipinos are more interested in the fate of Chief Justice Corona.

Another perennial favorite is “Encountering the Lord in the Midst of Life’s Upheavals”. It is a commentary on John Chrysostom’s thoughts on Matthew’s narrative about Jesus walking on the sea. No. 6 — on this year’s National Bible Week — is quite new. It is surprising that it immediately rose to the all-time top ten after only a few days on the first page of this site. No. 7 and No. 10 both mention the “Santo Niño” and so it is quite safe to assume that this is again due to search engine exposure.

For the month of January so far, here are the top 10 reads:

1. National Bible Week 2012
2. Readings for the Simbang Gabi (2011)
3. Photoshop Trick
4. The Santo Ni&ntide;o and National Bible Sunday
5. The Santo Niño and the Total Christ
6. World Day of Peace 2012
7. Catholic Bible Helps
8. The Life of St. Augustine in a TV series
9. Militant Atheism and the Desecration of a Consecrated Host
10. Of 2012 and Augustine’s Sermon 97

The top 5 in the list are already in our all-time list. No. 6, 7, 9 are all currently in the first page of this site. No. 10 is due to search engine results. I say this because of the prediction that the world will end this year,2012. Augustine has his thoughts on end of the world scenarios too, since an “end-of-the-world” expectation is embedded in the Christian world-view.

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