Pope Benedict XVI’s Message for World Communications Day 2012 is now available. Zenit recently published the document and can now be found here. A commentary on the document is also available.

The document is entitled “Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization”. In his message, the Pope underlines the importance of silence especially at a time when one is easily subject to verbal overload. The document is just about 1,500 words long and can be easily outlined as follows:

  • Introduction: The Relationship Between Word and Silence
  • The Need for Silence
  • Silence and the Search for Truth
  • God’s Eloquent Silence
  • Silence, Prayer and Witnessing
  • Silence and the Mystery of Christ
  • Conclusion: Learning to Listen

Communication does not consist in words that are interrupted by silence; rather one utters a word out of silence in order to really communicate. It is like the word uttered at the beginning of creation. It was prefaced by the silence of the Creator “brooding over the waters”. In addition, it is well worth recalling that communication is not only verbal. Sometimes and in particular occassions, non-verbal communication is more appropriate. For those who are new to the topic of silence, the document is worth a read. For those who are already convinced of the need for silence, reading the document can give one the language to speak about silence.

I have made available for download a copy of the above document with my sub-headings for easy reading. The copy I have prepared is in RTF, DOCX, HTML and PDF formats and compressed in a Zip file. You may download it from here.