I am currently on the last days of my summer vacation. The summer break came late this year because of the massive transfer of assignments that was announced on the last day of our Provincial chapter. So after an eight-year stint at the Mother of Good Counsel parish, I had to pack my bags and move on. On May 15 I reported to my new assignment in a nearby institution. I will be working both in a school and in a parish church with seven other friars. During this time, I found it difficult to write anything and it shows on these pages. For the month of April, I can only come out with a brief description of what transpired during our recollection for the BECs (Mystical Geek) and some articles for the Bibliya Tagala:

For the month of May, I managed to come up with the following articles for our BEC cell groups:

And finally for the Mystical Geek, I posted my observations on the BEC that I watched over at the Mother of Good Counsel parish. In this article, I explain my conviction that the Ten Augustinian Values is best observed among people who have begun to make themselves into Church. I hope that this discussion can also contribute to the topic “What does it mean to be Body of Christ today?” which is the concern of a congress for the laity hosted by the Order of St. Augustine. I also did a bit of work on the Bible Workshop, but it was only to present the articles on the Easter season (year B) through links on the site’s index page.