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April and May Updates


I am currently on the last days of my summer vacation. The summer break came late this year because of the massive transfer of assignments that was announced on the last day of our Provincial chapter. So after an eight-year stint at the Mother of Good Counsel parish, I had to pack my bags and move on. On May 15 I reported to my new assignment in a nearby institution. I will be working both in a school and in a parish church with seven other friars. During this time, I found it difficult to write anything and it shows on these pages. For the month of April, I can only come out with a brief description of what transpired during our recollection for the BECs (Mystical Geek) and some articles for the Bibliya Tagala:

For the month of May, I managed to come up with the following articles for our BEC cell groups:

And finally for the Mystical Geek, I posted my observations on the BEC that I watched over at the Mother of Good Counsel parish. In this article, I explain my conviction that the Ten Augustinian Values is best observed among people who have begun to make themselves into Church. I hope that this discussion can also contribute to the topic “What does it mean to be Body of Christ today?” which is the concern of a congress for the laity hosted by the Order of St. Augustine. I also did a bit of work on the Bible Workshop, but it was only to present the articles on the Easter season (year B) through links on the site’s index page.

Biblista.NET Timing Out?

For those who are using PLDT as your connection to the internet, this is for you…

For more than two weeks now, I haven’t been able to access Biblista.NET using our PLDT line. Whenever I try to access the site or any section of it, my browser gives me the “time out” error: “Connection Timed Out”. Apart from the possibilities that the browser tells you, there is another one that is never mentioned: that your IP (your computer’s address on the internet) has been banned from accessing a particular webserver. You would know whether this applies to you if you would change your internet provider and the website comes up without any hitch. Whenever I use our PLDT line, I get the time out error, but not when I use SmartBro or Globe. In other words, my PLDT connection has been banned by the webhost of Biblista.NET

This is not the first time it happened. Back in April of this year, the same thing happened for this simple reason: the webhosting service behind Biblista.NET banned the IP of PLDTNET because of hacking activities coming from that IP. If you know anything about IPs, you would realize that once an IP is banned from a server, all computers connected to that IP is also banned (more about IP’s here). In short, if you would like to access Biblista.NET, you may do so using services like SmartBRO or GlobeTattoo but not PLDT.

I have however made a few adjustments so that the situation (temporary I hope) may not become a burden to anyone who has been visiting my site. I have reactivated two WordPress blogs to make the following articles accessible:

  • The weekly Workshop articles and “Mag-aral Tayo” are also accessible through Mixed Innuendos
  • The longer “Bibliya Tagala” articles and the Sunday reading guide “Sunday Thoughts” are now accessible via Lectio Divina

I still do updates at Biblista.NET, specifically for Sunday Thoughts and the Bible Workshop. The Bibliya Tagala section ( has not been updated since last month.

For easier access to the above-mentioned WordPress-hosted sites, just look for their corresponding RSS feeds on the sidebar of this site. Those are the sites that are updated daily. Workshop and Bibliya Tagala pages are announced in the blog when they are uploaded (once a week).

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AgustinongPinoy Turns Twelve!


AgustinongPinoy just turned twelve years old. From August 1999 until the present this website has been serving webpages with topics ranging from Catholicism, Education, Augustinian Spirituality, Life in the Philippines, the Internet and Web Design. It was also for a time, a venue of web publication for theology teachers of the University of San Agustin. Read the rest of this entry »

Renewal Batch 2 (Balay Isabel 2011)

About twenty friars coming from different parts of the Philippines left their convents to gather in Balay Isabel, Batangas. Their objective was to go through Petak and Leman’s “The Way of the Shepherd” and the GIRM.

“The Way of the Shepherd” is John 10 applied to personnel management and served as a launch pad for the friars to examine the way they deal with the people they work with whether in their respective communities or outside of these. There are seven management principles that helped them examine themselves as pastors.

The review of the GIRM was basically for the friars to familiarize themselves more with liturgical rubrics.

Balay Isabel is a semi-private resort located on the shores of Taal Lake. The friars stayed in houses which also served as their place for rest and prayer. The three day exercise also served as a bonding activity. Photos are found at the Gallery.

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AgustinongPinoy Turns Ten!

The Surfing Friar

On August 28, AgustinongPinoy turns ten years old. It used to be a collection of static web pages in Geocities.COM serving as resource materials for teachers and students of theology at the University of San Agustin (ILO) and the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. For a while it also provided HTML Tutorials for people who were interested to create and maintain their own websites. Although the HTML Tutorials are still accessible, they are no longer being maintained. Since 2005 however the site has concentrated on articles in Augustiniana and the Scriptures. The most visited sections of the site have been the following

The site used to have section for a Newsletter and a Blog for “Ten Augustinian Values” housed at the Geocities-based AngFrayle.Net. But the section had to go — together with the Teachers’ and Students’ Articles section — for financial reasons.

Currently, the busiest section of the website is Res Biblica which also houses the Bible Workshop — site our BEC leaders are consulting. The Mystical Geek serves as a log for the projects I am involved in and the ideas I am trying out.

AgustinongPinoy Timeline

August 28, 1999
First page uploaded to Until March 2000, other pages will be uploaded, among which is the article “Ten Augustinian Values”. During that first year, AgustinongPinoy was featured at About.COM under Personal Websites.

April 2000 – April 2004
With my assignment to the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod, AgustinongPinoy became my experimental site for PERL-CGI, then for PHP Content-Management Systems. It also provided dynamic functionality for the otherwise static pages of the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod website housed at and briefly, for Fil-Augustinians.NET. It was also during this time when AgustinongPinoy got dot-commed.
May 2004 to the present.
Server problems made me move out from a free PHP-powered webhost to the present paid hosting. By this time, I have already decided on the CMS I would use for web publication. Experiments with different PHP scripts stopped so that I can concentrate on content. It was also during this period when I got invited to present a paper to the DOST about the way I have been using the web. The paper got published in a book.