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PREX at Olympia VI  OLM at Olympia I

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The new pictures highlight current changes in our parish. The visit of Our Lady of Manaoag in July 2009 gave the residents of Olympia I an occassion to present the newly renovated facade of their chapel. The new construction is actually the expression of a deeper reality of the Resurrection visita: the growth of their communities of faith. From one cell group, their communities of faith now number four.

Our PREX program has been expanding since last year. Batch 83 was held at the St. Joseph visita (Olympia VI) with twenty-two participants finishing the basic course. The lay leaders of the visita had a formation house constructed at the back of the chapel for this purpose. A lot of the participants from this batch were from Maligaya VI which celebrated its four year as a Christian community last July 25, 2009. We hope that these graduates will later on join us in the BEC Advanced Training.

The BEC Advanced Training is one feature of our PREX program that has begun to contribute to the building up of basic cell communities in the parish. The training program helps cell leaders become more familiar with the Scriptures through different modules designed for the purpose. Training is provided by cell leaders themselves who teach the others skills related to leadership and or the understanding of Scriptures that each have developed previously. In this way modules like the following have been incorporated in our training:

Course Module
Intelligent Reading Sentence Flow Analysis
Methodology: Effective Note-taking Building up Catalogues and Dossiers
Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels Studying the Feeding of the Multitudes
Leadership Skills Introduction to Christian Leadership

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